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Homework Page for Mrs. Baer


Your next assignment is to match up music video beats with video.  Click HERE to read the resource to help you as you take your first steps to editing an "around the school" 2-minute video.  You are instructed to match up beats with video, using a song ALREADY DOWNLOADED on your computer and a varity of video clips already imported into various events in iMovie.  This assignment is worth 25 points and will help you as we progress toward making our music videos to wrap up the second semester!


TV II- Write your Script for your "How To" Demonstration

Using your blog, write your script for your on camera demonstration.  Your demonstration can be anything that you choose, but you are restricted to perform it in the studio, so consider your limitations.  You will want to have at least 10 steps in your demonstration and your script must be written word-for-word. Don't forget to include an introduction and conclusion.  Remember, I gave you the ideas of "how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich" or "how to French braid". 

Most creative demonstration will receive a prize!  We will start these tomorrow so make sure your script is ready to go. Good luck! 


TVI End of the Course Reflection Assignment

Directions: Answer the following questions in a wordpress blog entry titled “TV I Reflection”
1.       What are your three main “take-aways” from this course? Briefly describe each.
2.       Throughout this course you were assigned to film remotes. What remote(s) did you film and what were the most difficult aspects of filming these remotes?
3.       If you were to teach another student came to you with a camera and a computer needing to create a film for a class assignment how would you help this student and what would you teach him/her?
4.       List all of the video projects you completed for this course.
5.       What was your favorite video project to create and why?

Yearbook Exam Part B


TV III & IV Midterm News Review

Directions:  Click on the following link and watch a student produced newscast from Shawnee High School.  After watching the entire newscast from December 6th, answer the following questions.  Be thorough with your responses to receive full credit! You will copy and paste the questions into your email, using a new tab.  Please let me know if you have any questions and good luck! This assignment is worth 100 points.

1. What is your overall impression of their news?

2. What similarities do they have to our newscast (i.e. student features, music, camera angles, etc.)?
3. What critical feedback do you have for the Shawnee News Cast (e.g. likes, concerns, next steps)? 
4. Watch the newscast one more time. Evaluate the person that performed the role that you are assigned for the week. What can you learn from their performance? How did they execute their responsibilities? 
5. After watching both newscasts, Shawnee and North Canton, what are your individual and group next steps for Van Wert High School News & Sports?

Log onto the Take Action homepage to complete the following tasks:

In a new blog entry answer questions regarding each of the 3 winning videos from 2012. You will want to first take notes on the videos using the PSA Outline prior to answering the following questions.

1. What makes the PSA video believable?

2. What problem are they trying to address?

3. How do they achieve this?

4. How do the actors portray the message?

5. What are the persuasive techniques used in the video?

6. Where there voiceovers used?  If so, what was onscreen during the v.o.?

7. Was there ever text on the screen?  If so, where in the video and what did it say?

Student Self Assessment Prompts for "Writing a Screenplay"

TV I: Check out the following link on how to format a screenplay!

Friday, August, 30, 2013

TV I Blog Assignment:

Once every student has created his/her wordpress blog and emailed me your blog address, you are ready for your first post to the world!  This post must have the following:

A hyperlink to Vimeo Video 101: Shooting Basics and Choosing a Camera.  In addition to the hyperlinks, you must have a 4-6 sentence summary of each, using complete sentences, of the information presented in both video clips. 

Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Video 101


Understanding the elements of news packages.

First, please watch the NBC feature on Teen Kids News.  You will need to select Quicktime file to view on a mac. 

Answer the following questions in your wordpress blog:

You will want to title your post: More About News Packages.

Throughout your blog entry, reflect on what you viewed.  Include information such as: how  the reporter introduced the feature (stand-up), how did she narrate the story, how were sound-bites introduced (responses from those being interviewed), and how was b-roll used throughout the package. 

Do you feel like the reporter was an expert on the topic she selected? Why or why not?

How is this package different from the one you created for TV II?  What areas could you improve on next time?

After you answer the questions thoroughly, publish your post. 

Teen Kids News

Please follow the link to complete an electronic equipment checkout survey.  You must complete this in order to receive any points for your remote assignment.  Good Luck! 
TV I- In-class Blog Assignment #1

Module 1: Blogging for Media! 

Things to do before you setup your blog.

TV I Classes - Setup a SchoolTube account. Upload a five scene video of different school shots (directions for this assignment will be provided in class). This will be your first video upload!

Journalism/Yearbook - Setup a Flickr account. Upload FIVE photographs that you have taken.  You need FIVE pictures in your account so that Flickr will activate it. Your Flickr address will look like this

where username is the Screen Name you setup in your Flickr Account.

Screen Name will contain the first letter of your first name followed by your last name (ex. kbaer)

You are now ready to create your blog account.

1 - Create your blog today.   
2 - To create a new blog, you will go to
3. Click Log In and select Sign Up 
4. You will now create your own account, specifically using the information below:  
The title of your blog will contain the first letter of your first name followed by your complete last name. (ex. kbaer)
5 - The second line of your blog title will contain the name of your class (ex. television production, yearbook, or journalism.

6- Once you have created your blog and confirmed it using your email, you will want to edit the settings.  Click on your name in the right hand corner of the page, and select Manage My Blogs.  
7- Click on Dashboard 
8- Next change privacy settings by selecting, Settings and Privacy in the Dashboard. You will want to change the privacy to the second option, ask search engines not to index this site.


In your first post:

9 - Create links to your Flickr Account or Schooltube Account. 

10 - Tag your first post with this tag: VWHSMedia001

There are no spaces in this tag. If you wish include additional tags to your post, please feel free to add them to the one required tag. 

11-Your post will be free of grammatical and spelling errors. 



















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